Small group or individual specialized beginner, intermediate and advanced programs. Local, regional and nationally recognized professional trainers and clinicians offer instruction.


Program is designed to provide a building platform for riders of all skill levels seeking to learn and advance riding skills. Individual programs are available and may be designed to meet needs.

Novice - X-Poles to 2'3
Intermediate 2'6 - 3'
Advanced Intermediate 3'- 3'6

- Horsemanship - Care, Safety, Balance & Steering, Flat Work & Basic Gymnastics

- No Stirrups & Advanced Gymnastics

- Improving your Jump and Course Navigation

Programs consist of Mounted Instruction

Britches, Boots and S.E.I. approved hard hats are required for all participating riders

Auditors must pre-register. All balances due 14 days prior to clinic date.

Contact for Pricing - (843) 222-8154


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